How to Manage your Migraine attacks ?

Migraine can literally be a pain in your whole existence. And it’s just so hard to manage the headache once it starts. I’ve struggled with the pain myself and thankfully my attacks are less than they used to be.

But the pain never reduces. No matter what, you can never get used to the pain too. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to manage your migraine attacks. Normal headaches sometimes hurt so bad that you can’t function properly. On top of that, if you get migraines, it literally interrupts your life. 

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Since you’re reading this article, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. So, what are the things you can do to manage your migraine triggers?


  • Wear cool eye pads while resting. And don’t leave sunglasses even when you’re inside your room. 
  • Caffeine works wonders. So drink a cup of coffee. 
  • Don’t use electronic screens. And always turn the lights off in your room. 
  • Develop a sleep schedule. This one is a must. Irregular sleeping hours trigger your migraine a lot. 
  • Use your bedroom only for rest.
  • However, don’t push yourself to sleep too hard. Since migraine is hard dealing with, you might not fall asleep. So, if you can, try to read a book or meditate. I know it’s unbearable and extremely hard. But remind yourself that you’re strong. And you can do it. 

Manage Your Eating Habit.

  • If you can, make an eating pattern. Maybe like intermittent fasting. 
  • Fasting and skipping meals are the worse triggers for migraines (at least for me and I believe there are people out there like me.) So, make sure to eat. 
  • Avoid foods that trigger your migraine. This differs from person to person. So, you’ll figure out the foods on your own. For me, it’s foods with artificial sweets and tomato-based foods. 
  • To figure out what foods give you migraine triggers, you can keep a journal to track down food consumption and migraine attacks.


When you work out, your body produces some chemicals. These chemicals block pain in your brain. Hence, resulting in blockage of migraine attacks. 

Take a Break. 

Guys I just have to say, nothing is worth your time if you’re not fine. You must take breaks from time to time. The bright side of taking breaks is that you’ll not burn out quickly. Likewise, this will help manage your stress and workload. 

And try to be optimistic. Honestly, I can’t say this as I can’t stay positive. But, people say staying positive when you’re getting a headache really helps. So even if a part of you tells that nothing is worth it or something like you can’t make it. 

Just remind yourself, chant again and again how strong you are and you can make it through anything. Honestly though, these days I try to repeat these words to myself a lot. Well, not exactly. But I do tell myself it’s fine and I’m doing okay a lot.

It sure does help at least to some extent. 

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Anyway, another important factor to keep in mind regarding migraines is that you should consult your doctor. And listen to them. Wait, I also have to tell you that you get some kind of symptoms a day or two before you get a migraine attack. 

Keep that in check and try to utilize the time by doing the above-mentioned things. 

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