How To Scan Documents & Pictures Easily From Your Phone, Mac, Or Desktop.

Did you know that you don’t have to use scanner apps to actually scan documents and pictures from your phone? No matter if you’re an Android user or an iPhone user. Both the phones come with a built-in scanner. And not a lot of people know about this. 

Isn’t it fascinating to see that you’re learning more and more about your own phones that you’re using for like a year or so? That’s the thing with techs and gadgets. You will keep on finding more and more about it even when it’s rugged. 

And when it comes to tech, you will always find yourself adding one more thing. Here’s how you can scan simple documents and pictures through your phone. 

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For Android User

Use Google Drive. After you go to the Google Drive app, go to the corner and find the plus sign. Likewise, after tapping there, you can find a scan option. Allow it and give access to your camera. 

Moving on, the next step is you should select your document, photo, or anything you’re looking to scan. Then you add it and hit the X if you want to try again due to some error. And checkmark to confirm your scan. 

Moreover, you will get more options soon after. And then decide and choose what you want to do with your picture or document then. After saving, you’re done. Lastly, to store you should just choose a folder and add the file name. Easy isn’t it? 

For Windows Users

Windows user can open the Camera app and line your documents in front of the camera. After that, you will look for the camera icon that’s white. And, you will snap a picture. As your photo appears at the bottom, click it to look at it. Furthermore, you will now click on the three-dotted patterns. 

Moreover, to see where your folder is located, choose open in a folder. Then shift it according to your desire. 

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For iPhone Users

For iPhone users, you should first open the Notes app. There, you will create a new note. After that, you will find a camera icon around the bottom of the new note. Tap at that camera icon and tap at Scan Documents again. 

Consequently, you will hold your phone and scan the document you want to scan. If it’s set on auto, the phone will itself start scanning after finding a document. To swap to auto or manual mode, just look at the top right part of your screen. 

To complete the scan now, you will select the photo shutter button. After you’re done, edit all the scanned documents or pictures. Likewise, click the save button when done. Lastly, save it as a PDF and either mail or message it to someone. 

For Mac Users

It’s really easy for Mac users. When you open the photo booth, your camera is now already opened. Furthermore, soon you will place your document right in the front as you like it on the screen. 

Furthermore, you will then choose a red photo icon to take pictures. As it appears in the corner somewhere on the right side. You will drag it to your desktop and store it as a folder. 

They’re just so simple and really save you space and time. Likewise, also a few more taps. So, try this method instead. 

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