Indian Students In Tears As They Are Forced To Download Chinese Apps For Education

As you all know, it’s not a new thing to go to another country for your studies. Especially in India and Nepal. After a certain time of your school days. The students start planning for abroad studies. China have been the destination for Indian students too.

Due to various reasons, the Indian government had to ban almost 250 Chinese apps. However, after learning about the news, Chinese universities have their own revenge plans. 

Okay, I don’t like being the dog who just randomly assumes and judges people. Plus if the Universities are asking the students to download the app. And then only can they complete their studies. I think we know what’s wrong there.

I know I am right so someone back me up here. Since most of the the Chinese apps are banned in India and with the Covid pandemic Indian student has no choice but to down laid the apps so that they can study with their friends. 

For the time being, the Indian students collectively are using VPN servers to download the app and study. I guess this is not just a problem for the Chinese government but also for the Indian government. Because they are just being mean at this point. 

A student revealed that the University also always used We Chat for their studies. India banned the app, if though University switched to another app. Students downloaded the illegal application because of this repetitive process. 

This is a huge concern for the students because they pay a hefty sum of money in order to study at the Universities. 

The fact that none of the students can return to China for their studies at this point is already stressful enough. And the online classes are already very hard. Also, Given that most of them are medical students. The Indian government shouldn’t have made such drastic measures s so soon. 

VPN is always a choice and if you are anything like me, you’ll know how easy VPN makes our internet searching. But, this is a different scenario. 

They are students who have lots and lots to study. They have exams to prepare for and the Indian government senselessly trying to kick their only server out is not in the window. To be honest I just have no idea what the governments do at this point. 

However, some of the students planned hard to have a meeting with ministers of the country. If they succeeded, I hope things turn out their way. Because they have to study goddamn it. In such a situation of the pandemic, the somethings should go on ease for the students. 

You don’t want to pay millions (lakhs) to your university and have to sit home. Miles and Miles are away from your regular classes. With a shitty internet connection where you absolutely can’t understand anything. And on top of not being able to learn your only source of practice gets taken away from you, right? 

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