Is anime popular : New Trend in Nepal?

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Since anime is popular ,it is enjoyed and watched globally, its craze and popularity have also reached Nepal.

Anime and Manga were strictly prominent in japan during the ’70s. However, Today anime reached all across the globe and the anime industry is worth billions of dollars.

The number of anime viewers has skyrocketed over the last decade in Nepal.

Why is Anime Popular?

Anime is popular often as an adaptation of Japanese comics. The visuals and animations are quite unique and feel specials. The music adds a colorful aesthetic to the anime. Each track is designed in such a way that it fits the scene and is capable of bringing the required amotion to the audience.

The best thing about the anime is its storyline. You will never know what’s going to be next and make the viewing experience more exciting and unpredictable. While watching anime you must be ready for anything. From Shocking twists to unexpected character changes, heart-wrenching deaths to humorous scenes, chances are you’ll probably see them all.

The main reason for anime getting popular is – you can watch anime free of cost online. There are several streaming sites that provide you numbers of anime to watch.

Craze in Nepal

It is so surprising that countries like Nepal which hadn’t wide reach to the Internet just a decade ago. Now have a huge fan following for anime.

With the internet and various streaming site, watching anime has become a trend in Nepal. The craze for anime has given birth to the only existing official anime fan club in Nepal: Otaku Club Nepal.

In Nepal, anime has created such influence, that there are several stores dedicated to anime cultures. There are events and conferences organized strictly dedicated to anime. We have an annual anime carnival called Otaku Jatra which showcases cosplaying, video games, foods and drinks, and anime culture.

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