Is Mental Health Not Consider Important In Nepal ?

September 27, 2021 by No Comments

Mental health problems are serious public health concerns all over the world. However, in the context of Nepal, we can’t see much progress in the field of mental health.

Most people have a stereotype that suffering from mental illness is the same as being mad, becoming unfit to remain in society and the family due to loss of control over self or even being possessed by a holy spirit or black magic.

Even the Nepal health care system neglects the aspects of people’s mental health issues which is the worst-case scenario right now.

Current Situation

According to National Mental Health Survey, only NPR 15 million budget was estimated.

In terms of financing, less than 1 percent of health care expenditures by the government are directed toward mental health.

Around 80% of the people with mental disorders in Nepal do not receive proper treatment. As the law in Nepal continues to define mental illness as madness. In the civil code, the legal definition of mental illness is not clarified, but the language of the legislation refers to someone with a broken mind.

According to WHO, the number of mental health care professionals is low in Nepal. Across the whole country, it is estimated to be around 440 patients beds for people with mental illness. Due to lack of mental health professional and treatment facilities, there are few numbers of hospitals and mental health service is not easily available in rural and remote areas.


Despite many challenges, we can see a slow and gradual improvement in the field of mental health. Attention to mental health is increasing in Nepal. The government is trying to implement national mental health policy seriously and human resource development is gradually taking place.

In addition, there is a gradual increase in awareness of mental health in public. People are openly talking about their mental illness. Psychotropic drugs are widely available and the number of people seeking treatment in mental health institutions has increased.

A non-governmental organization like Koshish Nepal is working to bring mental health and psychological disability into the mainstream. The organization is involved in the rehabilitation of people affected by mental illness.

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