You have to know these about Psychology and Mental Health

Just before starting to write this, it hit me that we’ve been listening to psychological facts and myths our entire lives. But, we tend to not think of it as psychological which is why at first it was pretty hard for me to think of anything I know about psychologists or psychology in particular. As you know psychology is directly or indirectly proportional to mental health. 

We should know what are myths and are facts as well. And it’s funny how just before starting to do something crucial points hit you. However, I caught the hang of it and I will share with you all the myths and facts on psychology and mental illnesses that I know. 

Hence here are some myths and or facts I know about psychology or psychologists as a psychology student. 

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Interesting Myths on Psychology & Mental Health

  1. Personally, as a kid, Psychologists fascinated me as I thought they are able to fix their own mental health. 
  2. Medication is the only way to balance the chemical imbalance in your brain. 
  3. There’s only one type of psychologist, a therapist specifically clinical, (criminal psychology who?)
  4. Psychologists? More like mind readers….
  5. I didn’t feel like Psychology is just common sense, but for some reason, I didn’t think psychology is science either. 
  6. Venting your anger releases the anger inside of you.
  7. Opposites Attract
  8. Mood swings don’t describe Bipolar or BPD 
  9. You can never recover from any kind of mental illness
  10. Panic Attacks are fatal.

Interesting Facts On Psychology and Mental Health

  1. Stress Cardiomyopathy- You can actually die from a broken heart!
  2. Did you know stress apparently reduces after you hit 33? Fascinating!
  3. Bilinguals switch personalities along with their language. 
  4. Medications will not always fix your mental health!
  5. Schizophrenic people are NOT psychopaths 
  6. The smarter you are, the lesser friends you have. 
  7. Psychology is Real Science!
  8. Venting your anger more actually makes the person have anger issues. 
  9. With the right amount of therapy, medication, and treatment with a healthy lifestyle, most mental illnesses can be treated.
  10. Panic attacks might make a person feel like they’re about to die. But without harming yourself they aren’t fatal on their own. 
  11. Here’s another face, people who have Bipolar MUST take medication, therapy is only if needed. However, people with Borderline Personality Disorder MUST take therapy. Medication is if needed. 

There is so much more if we keep going on and it’s all never-ending. However, one that I have heard every now and then is that. People believe those who have mental health issues are rather violent. Which is completely wrong. 

And in fact, people with mental problems are those people, who have most likely suffered a violent and traumatic experience themselves. 

Furthermore, I want to address that we should be in half and a half talking about Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder. Because the main trait of these mental illnesses is mood swings. However, if you have frequents mood swings you might not have bipolar or anything similar. 

But, the mood swings with Bipolar and Borderline people are very severe. They go from manic, to depressed, to mad, fine, and everything beyond in a short period of time. So, the moral of this article is. 

Please always get your facts straight before you imply things in real life. Because you know, you can never become too careful. And it’s best for yourself if you know your facts straight!

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