Man.U Fan are happy to welcome Ronaldo

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Football fans, buckle up and get yourself a bottle of water as we have a hot topic to discuss today. Reports say that Juventus is planning to sell Christiano Ronaldo.

The Portugal captain have no intention to stay in the team. And, it could be something every Manchester City fan might have dreamt for too long as he could return to the team. Also, we will talk much about Ronaldo’s history relating to the clubs he has played for since his career started as a football player.

Something even non Football fans know is Ronaldo is a great athlete. And, he has achieved an impeccable height of success. So, how did he become the idol for every kid who wants to be a football player?

Clubs Ronaldo Played For.

Now, starting with Ronaldo’s first club, he played for Clube Desportivo Nacional of Madeira. However, he soon transferred to Sporting Lisbon but he was only playing for the club’s youth team.

Later in 2002, Ronaldo played for Sporting’s first team which earned him quite a successful season. And while his name was getting more and more popular, Europe’s biggest football clubs started scouting him.

Nevertheless, in 2003, the young talent found a good place in Manchester United. And thus, he also became one of the greatest forwards in no time.

That also brings us towards Ronaldo’s first world-renowned award, the Golden Shoe. He earned the award after scoring 42 goals in Europe’s League and Cup. Also, the award proved that he had scored the most.

Moving onto Federation Internationale de Football Association, Ronaldo also earned the title of World Player of the Year. And, the star also helped United get a Champions League title as well as an appearance in 2009’s final.

However, United lost to FC Barcelona which was then being carried by Lionel Messi. Hence, Ronaldo and Messi ended up being two legendary rivals.

Nonetheless, Spain’s Real Madrid bought Ronaldo for around $131 million. And, he started making new records such as most goals in La Liga history. Meanwhile, Messi broke soon broke the record pouring more oil into the fire.

Likewise, Ronaldo also became the captain of the Portuguese national team. And, he continued shocking the fans by scoring a total of 66 goals in 56 appearances.

Back To United.

As Ronaldo’s journey continued, he was bought once again by the Italian powerhouse Juventus. If you wanna know the deal, it took place for about $132 million. And, the contract was for a total of 4 years.

Despite failing many times, Ronaldo has never given up. And, he has proven that hard work can get you anything.

In addition, Ronaldo also has a lifetime contract with Nike, a sportswear company. And NBA superstars such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James also have similar contracts with the company.

Now, the time has come again for the legendary player to shift teams. While Juventus will be giving Ronaldo, United also has to send an exchange. Although Juventus is asking for Gabriel Jesus, the other team is offering Raheem Sterling.

Also, while the two teams come to an agreement, Ronaldo also has been frustrated. And, recent news suggests he left the training ground while the rest of the team was just starting. So, United fans hope the deal gets sealed off soon.

Nevertheless, which team do you think would Ronaldo be the most suited with?


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