Misogyny and its affect on women health

You might be a student who grew up writing about the availability of health facilities time and again. That is, if that you’re anything like me or the students from my school as a matter of fact. 

However, I bet that you covered things like the economic factor, geography, political instability, discrimination of marginalized people, and something similar. But, have you ever thought about misogyny? And how it is still affecting the female patients in such a grave way. 

This problem is really worse than we think it is. And something must be done in order to prevent it from ruining further women’s bodies. Over the years, we’ve heard the higher-ups say that health is the fundamental right of every citizen. But at the same time, not everyone can afford this privilege. 

However, we are not here to talk about that. In fact, what we’re here for today will quite blow your mind. Or maybe not, because we are used to sexism and misogyny literally everywhere we go. 

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How’s Misogyny Affecting Heal Care For Women? 

First of all, misogyny these days is not as bad as it used to be. And although it is not harshly affecting women like in the past, it still prevails and is affecting woman’s health care the most. Some recent survey proves that still, gender discrimination prevails in hospital. 

And it doesn’t only stop after affecting the female employees. Rather it shifts on to the patients as well. Furthermore, over 17% of women revealed their biased treatment even in the ER. If a man and a woman are going through the same treatment. The woman is most likely to come back in a much more severe condition than the man. 

Likewise, even in today’s society, there is just so little evidence-based is used in a very low amount. And they mostly only prevail for men care. For example, Curt and Mika both experienced heart failures. However, while Curt was diagnosed and given medication pretty fast. Mika’s diagnosis took a place, and when they finally diagnosed her, it was a false diagnosis. 

And, keep that in mind that a wrong diagnosis on women prevails for over 50 percent. 

Women in Pain

Just like how heart failures and wrong diagnosis prevails in the female body over 50 percent than that of male. Researches show that most of the women get late and improper treatment. And just like that, over 70% of women are likely to suffer from chronic pain. 

The Causes

The main cause for this mistreatment of women’s bodies is the wrong analogy of the human body.  We as human beings have failed to fully study the female body. Just because we think the male and female physiology only differs with reproductive organs. 

Hence, we have not studied the female body. And in fact, even for the female treatment, researches are done on male cells or mice cells. Due to this, women aren’t getting the most optimal care that they need. 

Should we blame it all on the old values and norms we shared? But why did we all evolve as the most intelligent being in the world? And yet failed women by thinking that research done on the male cells will work just fine for the women’s body? 

And if you refuse to call this misogyny what do you call it? Ignorance? By the end of the day ignorance of women is also a part of misogyny. And yet, no one moves forward to make a different research plea so that we research female cells. And ease this discomfort and imbalance a little more. 

So, what do you think you can do as a citizen to help remove misogyny from hospitals and health care facilities?

Reference Taken From A Recent Presentation Done in Class By Me and my Teammates for Social Work. 

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