Nepal reported New Omicron Cases, “Omicron in Nepal”

December 25, 2021 by No Comments

Nepal Ministry of Health and population confirms that 58 people tested positive for the new COVID Variant Omicron in Nepal. In Whole genome sequencing carried out at the National public Health Laboratory Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari who is joint spoke person for the Health Ministry said “The man that tested positive for COVID new Variant was under surveillance”.

further details regarding the man who had returned from a nation that is highly affected by omicron was refused to be revealed. Dr. Sangita Mishra who is a spokesperson for the Health Ministry said that the contact tracing had already been started.

Travel history details of infected person were not provided by Mishra. 2038 swab samples of the infected person have been analyzed after the emergence of Omicron said by the Health Ministry.

In which of them, In three samples S-gene has been found missing. After the two earlier Omicron variant cases reported, this is the third with COVID variant.

According to Mishra, other 2035 samples were infected with the Delta Variant.

Two persons both from the foreign nationals on December 6 were tested positive for the new Variant Omicron. Positive tested people were of aged 66 and 71. After two days those infected persons were tested nagative.

Omicron Variant is regarded as “Variant of Concern” by The World Health Organization, which is regarded as the global risks created by it are “very high”.

According to the World Health Organization, “On November 0 the very first known Omicron variant infection was reported from a specimen”.

In over hundreds of countries the virus has been detected. Around 213 cases of this new COVID variant Omicron are detected in India.

Authorities in Nepal have restricted entry of people entering of transiting from only around 9 countries that are South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi and Hong Kong even though over hundreds of countries in the world are reported the new COVID virus variant Omicron are detected.

The major concern is the many people coming back from other countries that have recorded COVID new variant Omicron cases a, have been easily entering inside Nepal since there are no any restriction in the entrance or quarantining them in order to prevent them from entering inside the country.

The World Health Organization stated that in comparision between Omicron and Delta variant of Corona virus Omicron Varian is spreading faster and also causing infections to the people who are already been vaccinated.

Nepali Public Health experts in Nepal stated that the authorities should be prepared and concerned about the worst case scenario.

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