Pm Modi In Washington, Receives Warm Welcome From Everyone

September 24, 2021 by No Comments

Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is on a trip to the Washington, US. He left India on 22 September 2021. Modi’s trip will be four days long. This will be the first international visit of Indian President Modi after the pandemic. During the trip, several events and meetings are going to take place.

Pm Modi will attend the UN General Assembly which will have the presence of many world leaders. He will also be a part of the Quad leaders’ Summit. Further, he will attend a meet with US president Biden at the white house. On Saturday 24 September Indian Prime minister Modi will deliver a message at “Global Citizen Live”. This will be a highlighting and important part of the trip.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Modi landed in Washington DC. On his arrival, the department of state officials welcomed him. A huge crowd of Indian-Americans waited for Modi’s arrival. Despite heavy rain, the crowd eagerly waited for the leader. The Prime minister also stepped down to wave and appreciate the crowd.

PM Modi started his day with a meet with business leaders, CEOs, and their wives. The CEOs belonged to various famous companies. He also met the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Further, he met the American vice president Kamala Harris. This meeting took place on Thursday. The leaders’ exchanges information on various important topics.

The topics included coronavirus pandemic (of course), climate changes, and terrorism in both US and India. The discussion also included the commitment of India towards the Indo-Pacific region. They had a detailed discussion on the current situation of Afghanistan. Both the leaders agreed on the fact that their countries have been great partners in making the world strong. Overall, the meeting concluded on a good note.

Further PM Modi met popular leader Yoshihide Suga. Their meeting in particular discussed the topic of inclusion of the Indo-Pacific region. The two prime ministers also discussed the enhancement of bilateral security and defense over time. The leaders also discussed the regional developments and technological commitment over the years.

Today on 24 September there was US President Jo Biden hosted the Quad Summit. This was the first in-person Quad Summit in the white house. Popular leaders of the world attended this meeting. Modi, Suga, and Scott Morrison were part of this summit. The meeting had a discussion in particular about the covid19 pandemic. Moreover, the leaders made a conversation about the four-nation grouping through the indo-pacific region.

On Saturday 25 September, PM Modi will deliver a message at “Global citizen Live”. This will be a grand event. The event is going to last for 24 hours. There will be live events in major cities. These cities include New York, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Sydney, Los Angeles, Seoul, as well as Mumbai. Most probably the event will address the problem of poverty all around the world. However, the message will be announced on Saturday itself. There is no such clear information about the message yet. This event will continue from 25 September to 26 September.

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