Present Nepalese Political system , Result of these historic events ?

Present Nepalese Political system is a result of past events .There are many events that has made an impact on present situation of politics . Well , observing the past many kings rules in Nepal . Similarly , there has been a various system of government which somehow plays a big role in today’s context as well . Lets get to know more about such some important events in past :

Present Nepalese Political system is an affect of these events

1.Prithvi Narayan Shah’s contribution : The name Prithvi Narayan Shah always come first while we talk about unity of Nepal . He also has a big role in unification of Nepal. He fought against harsh Rana rule and gave justice to the people of our country . Moreover , the major change brought by the king includes establishment of Kathmandu city as the capital of Nepal .

2. Jung Bahadur Rana’s contribution : Well , the main contribution of Jung Bahadur Rana is he was successful in getting back the territory that was occupied by foreigners . He was one of the smart king in Rana kingdom who have made a impact in Nepalese Political system .

3. King Mahendra’s contribution : King Mahendra played an important role to oust the Indian armed force from Nepali territory . Earlier , Nepalis were compelled to travel via Indian territory while visiting from one district to another district. In 1961 , made a foundation stone for construction of the East-West Highway at Gailakot .

4. Raj Durbar Hatya Kanda also plays a major role in changing the dynamics of Nepal politically .Local people were nervous and horrified due to sudden murder of many members of Royal Family . It is still a mystery though . Futhermore , after that Nepal turned into a democratic state in which we are living now . But many people believe that this system is not as effective as before when kings use to rule .

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