The Long Term Effects of Coronavirus aka Post Covid Syndrome

Covid 19 is a serious issue in today’s world. And we have no idea when will we really bid this virus goodbye. Until then, we can only take precautions and keep ourselves safe. Moreover, those who get this virus normally recover within a few weeks. However, while some symptoms last less, some last for a longer period of time. 

The people who suffer long-term Covid symptoms are called long haulers. Likewise, the name of the condition is post-Covid 29 syndrome. If the Covid symptoms persist after around 5 weeks of your first symptoms. Then it is the post-Covid syndrome or long Covid 19. 

Very common signs and symptoms of this syndrome look as so: 

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Memory, concentration, or sleep problems
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness when you stand
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Muscle pain or headache
  • Fever
  • Joint pain
  • Cough
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Fast or pounding heartbeat
  • Worsened symptoms after physical or mental activities

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Long Term Organ Damage

Brian Lungs and Hearts are the organs that are damaged for a long term after Covid 19 positive. Tests taken months after a person suffering from Covid shows long damage to the heart. Even to those people who have had mild symptoms. 

As for the lungs, due to the Coronavirus, the human body develops a kind of pneumonia. Most of the time leaving long time damage to the lungs with tiny scars. It might also lead to breathing problems in the future. 

Moving on, we have talked about what happens to the human brain for a long time due to this unbeatable virus. No matter what age group you belong to, due to Covid, you can get various brain-related strokes and seizures. 

Furthermore, you might also be the victim of Parkinson’s disease, temporary paralysis, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Moving on, the virus will also make your blood more thick and clumpy. These clots will prove to be the cause of heart attacks, and more heart-related diseases. 

On the other hand, you might also need therapy and psychologists after you get better. Because one of the worst long-term problems of Covid 19 is trauma. And it will take quite some time for you to get over it. 

Not to mention that there might be hundreds of other prevailing conditions that we can’t identify yet. Meaning, there definitely is a lot of other symptoms, that too long-lasting symptoms of Covid 19. 

However, they are yet to get discovered. There are many support groups and other health care in hospitals for people with Covid. And or people dealing with the long Covid syndrome. 

And as always, precautions like using sanitizers, wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, getting vaccinated, social distancing, and more always helps fast recovery. 

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Although the long-lasting syndrome is something worrisome, we ask you to stay calm if you think you or your loved ones is facing the symptoms. And the first thing I ask you to do is visit your doctor. 

Since they’re the specialists, they will know what to do. And you will get the help you need. Stay safe and take care guys. 

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