Travels rules you need to follow for UAE

People from all around the world are stuck in someplace. It might be someone waiting for the travel ban to lift so that they can go back home. While some might be waiting for the ban to lift so that they can go back. And start working in a foreign land especially in UAE. 

However, the following newsies good news for any of the above-mentioned groups. From August 5, The United Arab Emirates lifted the travel ban. The National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority revealed that the transit flights are free to go now. Including Pakistan and China. 

Etihad and Emirates Airways and other airways rely mostly on the Pakistani and Indian markets. Moving on, The Gulf State had previously banned the airways. And all the passengers from South Asian and African countries. All thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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Furthermore, passengers traveling from the banned countries are now able to travel through transit from this Thursday. But, every passenger must show their PCR card test and it should have a negative response to it. 

The PCR test is only valid if you take it only 72 hours before your flight. Any result before that time period is invalid. And will go against the company policy and you can’t fly. 

Airport should approve the final destination. And in the meantime, the UAE airport departure will find you a separate place. This applied to all of the transit passengers. 

Other countries that include the transit ban are Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, and Uganda. I bet a lot of you are pretty happy with this ban approval. This is very obvious and we are happy for you as well. 

However, if you are traveling through this transit ban, please make sure to be safe. No only so that you can fly from the designated airlines. But for your own safety. And also for the safety of those with who you’ll share long hours. 

All airlines respect the rule made by the government rule. They are happy to work even in such harsh conditions for you and your comfort. So while we talk about the COVID-19 pandemic. Let me also remind you to always be kind. No matter where and who you are.

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Kindness goes a long way. 

Anyway, moving back, the UAE airlines and government have eased the remaining ban on residents, If you’re a resident of the country moving back from somewhere else. 

You are more than welcome to come back. However, you still need safety measures. Only valid residents and people who the authorities of Emirates certify are free to fly. They have to fully vaccinated though.

The residents also need some kind of online permit and if you are the residents coming back. Your PCR test can only be 2 days old. Of course, the card should show a negative test result. 

Jokes aside, if you’re traveling I hope things go out smoothly for you. 

Stay safe guys and happy traveling. May good health be with you in this time of need.

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