Twitch: A Streaming Platform for Gamers

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Twitch is an American video live streaming services that specially focuses on video game live streaming. Moreover, it provides a platform for broadcasts of eSports competitions, music broadcasts, creative content, and recently in real-life streams.

As of now, Twitch has become the largest streaming platform boasting more than a 9.7million active streamers every month. Here’s everything you need to know about Twitch.

History of Twitch

Twitch came to our as a new feature of which was a live streaming service founded by Justin Kan in 2007. started as a platform where users could air live streams co-founded by Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, Emmet Shear, and Michael Seibel. In some ways, it is believed that came way before its time, where live streaming was still in its infancy.

In 2011, created a gaming section naming it It bought a special service in the gaming community. The platform established a partner program that allows streamers to make money out of streams. The tons of features for streamers and viewers were added. Later, the company shut down to work on Twitch.

According to Wikipedia, Twitch had more than 100 million viewers per month by 2015. In 2020, it had 3 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users.

How Does Twitch and Streamers Make Money

Different gaming firm, gaming developers, gaming portals, and tournament organizers advertise their stuff on Twitch. Twitch generates its revenue through subscription fees and advertising. They offers subscription to turbo, which lets user to view the content without ads and access to other enhanced features.

Twitch partnered streamers receives a share of the subscription and advertisement revenue. To join a partner program you need to have certain requirements like certain numbers of broadcasts each week nd specif numbers of viewers.

Twitch also let users to take PayPal or Google pay donation from users.

Amazon acquired twitch interactive for US$970 million in 2014. Under Amazon, Emmett Shear serves as Chief Executive Officer and Sara Clemens serves as Chief Operating Officer.

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