Do Hindu worship according to the days of the week?

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Hindu worship god according to the days of the week. They believe that each day of the week belongs to different gods that come under the Hindu religion. Devotees also believe that following the days of worship leads to more blessing. There are several reasons for this ritual according to mythological stories as well as scientific facts.

Sunday which is the first day of the week belongs to Lord Surya. Just like the sun the color of this day is red. On this day many devotees do fasting. They usually only eat for one time in the entire day. Many people with skin problems worship Lord Surya on this day. This day people appreciate and worship the sun for heat and light.

Monday which is the second day of the week belongs to Lord Shiva. For people living in Nepal his day is very auspicious. Many keep a fast on this day to please Lord Shiva. Many say that one can easily please Shiva on this particular day. Fasting on the Monday of the month Shravan holds even more importance than compared to other Mondays. Both unmarried males and females should keep fast on this day so as to get a good life partner.

Tuesday belong to many to the Hindu gods. On this day Lord Ganesh, goddess Durga, goddess kali, and lord hanuman are worship. The color of this day is red. The mangal (planet mars) rules this day and decide the position of stars. It is consider creating troubles we face in life. Many people fast on this day in order to be safe from the troubles of life and wish for the happiness of their family.

Wednesday is the day when lord Vithal or Lord Krishna is worship. During puja on this day green tulsi leaves play a great role as the color of the day is green . This day is great for new starting. Any business or deals on this day are usually successful. This day belongs to mercury.

Thursday belongs to lord Shiva. On this day puja’s main ingredients are milk products according to the choice of Lord Vishnu.  This is the day of the guru of devas. The color of this day is yellow. On this day these is consumption and donation of yellow-colored food. Devotees dress in yellow attire. This day has many tales from ancient times. Many say that on this day Lord Vishnu tests devotees.

Fridays belong to the strong goddesses. Pleasing of goddesses Durga, Santoshi, Mahalaxmi is done on this day. This day is for the planet Venus which describes Shakti of the goddesses. This day is super lucky and productive. Many devotees visit the temple of the goddesses on this day wearing white outfits. All kinds of obstacles come to an end on this day.

Saturday is the end of the week. It is the day of Lord Shani. On this day, people fast to please Lord Shani. Many believe that bad times come to an end on this day. Black-colored ingredients and food are dedicated. Many astrologists believe that this day is very important.

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