Economic details of Nepal published by New government

Due to the current economic state of Nepal. The Nepali government came up with a plan of issuing a white paper. This white paper incorporates all the necessary economic detail of the country. 

Janardhan Sharma, our minister of Finance says that the white paper or fact paper will only highlight the current financial situation. This meeting took place earlier today at a meeting of the House of Representatives. 

Furthermore, Shreedhar Neupane added that the minister of Finance especially asked for this favor. The press expert speaker also mentions that this is the first time ever that Nepal has used any kind of white paper after the new government formation. That is led new prime minister and congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba.

The Course of politics after the re-installation of parliament?

The sole reason for issuing this paper is to only talk about the economical fallout in our country. And this is not to blame any other member of the parliament. This seems pretty much like a lie and it has something to do with National Coffer deficits of almost  Rs 145 billion. 

Anyway, in the meeting held at 1 pm today, the ministers came to a point of scheduling a whole new budget plan. However, it does seem like this is a plan to target one team or sole person.

The main motive of White paper is to work smoothly. And party A needs to show the audience what’s actually wrong with a particular situation. Likewise, the white paper is used to encourage the audience to support one idea. So that a new approach is met for a smooth-running proposal. 

Anyway, governments aren’t the only ones to use the white paper. It’s even more common with business partners and business deals. Actually, back in time, the government used different colored papers for different purposes. 

And they just named the particular task according to the color of the paper. 

Anyway, a lot of changes are coming as at the end of May, Kp Sharma Oli had already implemented a budget plan for the fiscal year. Also, why does this just feel like a pyramid scheme. And do you not believe if the money went inside someone else’s pocket made the current suitors mad.

Is Federalism in Nepal good ?

But in the end, it’s just jealousy that bright these partners along to work against this economic issue that they mention. I’m no minister or a politically stable person.

While in reality, something else is happening? 

But hey, if they’re really thinking for the betterment of the country. And not their wallets then good for them. We need these kinds of leaders for our country. But with everything that we’ve gone through due to these so-called leaders. 

It’s really hard to trust one. But let’s see what happens. 

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