No More Government For People In Disaster

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As many people know, this year’s monsoon has been devastating for the people from Sindhupalchowk and Manang. The flood caused by the continuous rain displaced many Nepalese and made them homeless and the help of Government is no where to be seen.

Likewise, former Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal also had much to say about the government slacking off. Although the two districts have already been declared as disaster-hit zones, the government hasn’t been productive with the help.

Therefore, it seems like Dahal has been really disappointed. Also, we can’t forget about the citizens who agree with Dahal.

Recent Destructive Disasters.

Talking about the disaster that took place in Sindhupalchowk, the Melamchi River’s overflow swept 18 houses according to the records. Although it’s a good thing that no lives were lost, it’s still a big hit as over 1200 people lost their homes.

Moreover, the people were warned about the water level rising which indicated that a flood could take place. Nevertheless, the people who resided on the banks of the river suffered greatly.

Meanwhile, people might also remember the mid-June flood which ended the lives of 24 people. However, the flood comparatively swept lesser houses than the current one did.

On the other hand, Manang’s condition has been dreadful. The Annapurna trek route which consisted of The Gangapurna Lake has almost disappeared due to the landslide covering it up with soil.

Nonetheless, the lake held great importance as the people considered it the jewel of Manang. Also, the lake had proven itself to be a beauty as every trekker visited it. Moreover, the lake sat at an altitude of 3500 meters from sea level.

Government So Poor They’re Stealing From Citizens ?

In addition, the Head of Helambu Rural Municipality, Nima Gyaljen had much to say about the flood and the landslides. Moreover, he mentioned a landslide at Bhimthang caused the flood in the Melamchi river.

The most recent flood destroyed over 12 houses in Chanaute and Kiul. And, many houses also have been in a frail stage which can break down at any moment. Also, Gyaljen mentioned visiting Bhimthang just days ago.

Dahal And His Team Arrived.

Meanwhile, Minister for Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal also tagged along with Dahal. Moreover, they witnessed the damage caused in Manang due to the flood and landslides.

Likewise, the former Prime Minister and Bhusal have been doing their best to provide support to those in need. Moreover, they have been providing relief and initiating the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructures.

Nevertheless, former Minister, Dev Gurung has also been backing up Dahal. And, as many of you might recognize the Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and the Chief of the Nepal Electricity Authority, Tek Bahadur has also accompanied Gurung.

The Course of politics after the re-installation of parliament?

However, the government isn’t being much of a help at the moment. And, it seems like Dahal and his team will do what they can to lighten up Sindhupalchowk and Manang. Moreover, the disaster-affected areas have been in the dark due to a lack of electricity and irrigation.

While the devastated people of the two districts find a way to survive, the team will be holding a discussion soon. Moreover, the main topic will be to repair the infrastructures harmed by the disasters.

For now, the people who suffered this huge loss need all the prayers they can. And, it would be a charm if the government backs up those who want to make things better.

Also, hope you are safe yourself and are also praying for those people in need.

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