Some of The Most Popular Sports In The World & Popular and Global Followers.

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Today, we will look down at the top 10, starting from 10, the most followed sports in the world. If you want, you can put up a bet down and we will see if you’re correct. 

Also, if you’ve ever wondered. Yes, Rugby and football and or soccer are the same Or should we say they are similar on many levels. However, football players are with more protective layers while they play than Rugby players. And if I am being honest, Rugby seems to be a very brutal sport. 

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Anyway, are you guys ready to start this list of top 10 sports all around the world? Let’s get it started with then.

10. On 10 we have Golf.  Worldwide, there are 450 million people and or fans of this game. It was originated in Scotland during the 15th century. But the name for the game came from the Netherlands. From the words Kolf and Kolve that roughly translates to the club. 

9. On number 9 we have Rugby. Likewise, this sport has 475 million followers from all around the world. It originally originated from England. And, is also the most popular sport in England, New Zealand, and Australia. 

8. Now, on number 8, we have what might it be? Baseball of course. With 500 million fans worldwide pastime game by America. This looks a little like cricket where a rounder bat is used to hit the ball by the batter. 

7. Filling up number 7, we have Basketball. Honestly, I thought Basketball would come on top 5. Now, I’m curious to know what other sports do people think are better than Basketball. Also, they have 825 million followers worldwide. 

6. Table Tennis comes in the sixth position. Moreover, this sport has 875 million followers all over the world. Similarly, it is one of the sports that originated in England in the 20th century. I don’t know about you but I loved playing table tennis or ping pong as a kid. 

5. Considering the fact that I assumed people don’t really play Volleyball. It’s surprising to see this sport takes fifth place. And, Volleyball has 900 million followers comparing all over the world. 

Moreover, when I was a kid, I kind of thought basketball and volleyball are similar kinds of sport. 

4. Tennis is followed by 1 billion people worldwide. I loved playing tennis when I was in school. Since I grew up and playing basketball seemed a little awkward for me for some reason. I started playing lawn tennis, And I am glad I did so. 

3. Coming up on the third is with 2 billion fans worldwide, Hockey. No matter if it’s ice hockey or field hockey, it’s great to watch and play. I  personally haven’t and one day, I’d like to take this experience as well. 

We’re almost at the top guys!

2. On number two we have Cricket. So, this sport has a 2.5 billion fan following worldwide. In India, Cricket is enjoyed by kids as a leisure game. Likewise, UK citizens enjoy this sport as well. 

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1.On the top, and in number 1, we have Soccer and or Football. This is one of the most popular sports in the USA and Canada. And, this sport was originated back in the 19th century presumably in China. 

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What is your favorite sport to play? 

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