This is Why We Need to Feminize Local Politics

It is important to feminize politics. Because this gives us the inspiration that is lacing in the political field right now. It will help revitalize the local democracy. The best way to get to know the real potential of community wealth is trying to drive a meaningful change on equality and or on inequality. 

Eleanor Radcliffe and Frances Jones, researcher, and associate director respectively of Cles said so. 

The Female Afghan Leaders Are Praiseworthy & Fearless.

The global financial crisis caused widespread human suffering almost 13 years ago. As a result, communal wealth building has arisen as a viable alternative to local economic development. In the process of creating community wealth, local authorities work with other major public sector agencies and social and private sector partners to break the structure that caused the crisis, instead of establishing a local economy where people have higher standards, that is, control of wealth and ownership.

This led to reshaping the political landscape due to inequality visiting respective cities and communities. And this time they went on with their plan with the feminist principles. This Feminize Politics is now a global movement. 

Simply putting, the feminization of politics is actually a rather practical approach to strengthen local democracy. This movement seeks to remove the barriers that prevail in political participation. 

It doesn’t only target females or women but all those people who feel unwelcomed or alienated in social movements and public institutions. How will they do this, is an important question. Here’s how this movement is beneficial for a lot more than just females: 

  • It opens up a space dominated by people with important powers as it makes it easy for everyone to participate in democratic activities.
  • Securing the representation of non-dominant groups in institutional and public life.
  • Leverage more participatory methods for decision-making within the public sector.
  • Advocating Public Policy to Break Patriarchy.

While this already looks like an excellent idea, Cles is already in a movement to explore more on feminism in politics. 

Committing to feminizing politics offers significant opportunities to increase the likelihood of community wealth-building that drives deep-rooted change in local economies.

By the norms and assumptions supported by Covid19, this campaign has the opportunity to set the goals high to rebuild a democratic just future. Just like how Barcelona En Com says, no revolution that is not feminist life up to its name.

More Women Means Better Political Empowerment. But Where Are The Women?

If you feel like watching the webinar in support of this idea, I add put a link herewith

This new series of seminars is designed to explore the intersection of our work (and other truly rooted approaches) on the building of community wealth and the work of other thinkers in this field. 

In the second of three conversations, Lauraros, an activist/scholar and member of the Barcelona Rona International Group, reviewed the relationship between the feminization of participatory politics and the building of wealth in society.

I highly recommend you follow this webinar and get more information because there is only so much I can fit in limited numbers. You have my words that you will change your thoughts on feminization in politics. 

If it doesn’t, then well, prove me wrong. 

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