“Development Of Women Rights Going To Be Hampered In New Government Of Afghanistan”

Hey, here’s a question for you. What would you do, if one day, you have to live like you’re in old days especially for women ? Oppressed and suppressed by external factors. And you can just stay inside looking for kids, fully dressed. If they could they would even make you put a curtain on your eyes? 

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Feels very suffocating right? This is the situation of Afganishtani women right now due to the Taliban.  This question doesn’t only stop with women. If you’re a guy, do think about what your life would be like. Having to live in such a world. 

Many women anchors and presenters have come forward to report that Afgan State Television isn’t letting them work anymore. It’s because, from this week onward, the Taliban fighters have barred women from working. 

This clearly shows what kind of view they hold on women and how bad this situation with the Taliban is getting. Not just women but even children are suffering due to these monsters of men. Who value nothing but power. 

What can the poor citizens do? 

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A woman named Shabnam Dawran made a video on Wednesday to report the abuse she faced. She is a Radio Television Afghanistan employee. But when the passionate and hard-working woman made her way to her office. 

But as she arrived at her workplace, she was stopped by some Taliban militants. And they threatened her. 

Even when Shabnam showed them her employee ID card. They told her that the regime has now changed and their lives are now in a danger. But the male employees were going in and out with ease. 

Moreover, Khadija Amin, an anchorwoman, and colleague of Shabnam made similar claims as well. She said that along with her, many other female employees are banned from even entering the office station. 

Since this is a huge concern, Amin along with other colleagues went to talk with the new director of RTA. Likewise, the director is someone especially appointed by the Taliban himself. And when asked about the situation, even the director gave somewhat of the same answer. 

Moving on, the new change in the rules says that women are now only able to get involved in some government and public life. 

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Some of the private news channels still have their female news reporters working for them. And one even interviewed the Taliban just recently. Where the Taliban even promised that their lives aren’t in a danger right now.

This is coming as a serious issue, and the fact that anyone is not able to harm or even plug a single strand of hair from the Taliban’s head is concerning. Moving on, UNESCO’s head has issued that the Taliban gives women the freedom they deserve. And let them work as journalists. But clearly, he is not listening. 

With that being said, the Afghans deserve a peaceful society and nation. But, we can see that the Taliban has no intention of ever letting the citizens live in even a modest enough society. If this keeps going on. What is to become of the poor citizens? 

Now that the Taliban is back in power, it’s going to be a hell of a ride for them. And as fellow human beings, all we can do is pray for their safety. 

May the innocent lives be saved. And those who’re hindering them be punished, either by law or by fate. 

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