Francis Bacon Collection in Tate will be taken down

Back in 2004, Francis Bacon’s studio donated over 1200 photographs, sketches, and documents to the Tate. To date, Joule’s generous donation is one of the most collective and hefty donations ever.  And if you sum up the estimated price, it crosses over £20 million.

However, recently, the donor has threatened to cancel these gifts after the gallery broke their promises. Apparently, they’d promised to stage some kind of exhibition for the materials. However, the Tate went back on their words. 

Francis Bacon’s friend Barry Joule asked him to donate these items to Tate. As the artist of all these items had always been a fan of the gallery.

 The only condition of receiving these gifts was an exhibition. But the Tate never did justice to the poor artist. And Barry kept on waiting for the non-existential exhibition to take place. Likewise, the donor also kept on writing to the staff via mail and even keeping in touch as much as possible. 

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The only question Barry ever asked was the dates for the show. However, he waited for two decades, and yet after no response to his only request, the donor has lost his sanity and patience. 

We have to admit though, Barry was very patient. He waited for almost 20 years before he finally said something like no, I am done, they must face the consequences now. But I don’t really know if you call it stupidity or patience. Anyway, I’m no one to judge. 

However, I can say though, if it was me, I’d have snapped like 15 years ago. 

Moving on, Barry is now completely prepared for anything that’s about to come. While he’s ready for legal actions, he has stripped the Tate from all the other privileges. Barry has more than a couple of handful of Bacon’s belongs with his self-portrait, tape recordings, and whatnot. 

These items might also cost somewhere near half a million pounds. But he won’t pass it down to the Tate anymore. For now, Barry is agreeing on waiting just a couple of more months. Also, regarding this matter, Barry warned the staff. He says that if the Tate is not willing to honor Bacon’s collection. He is ready for legal actions starting from October 2021. 

Barry Joule with Francis Bacon in London, March 1986. Photograph: Copyright Barry Joule

He says that  Moreover, Joule’s donations include William Blake, the head of the oil study. Some generous pictures of Bacon and letters by the artist.

As you all know, Bacon is a renowned painter who holds huge cultural and art values for British people. Bacon and Joule’s relationship started with a simple glass of champagne. And it lasted until Bacon died in 1992 due to a heart attack. 

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These arts and Bacon’s belongings hold a very dear place in Joule’s heart. Because, right before Bacon left for Spain, he asked Joule to take care of all his belongings. And that Beacon is happy his pieces are in good hands. 

Furthermore, the Tate did do a Bacon exhibition back in 2008, but none of the pieces included one of those Joule donated. 

Speaking on the matter, Tate says that they are scheduling a meeting with Jule somewhere in September. 

We hope things turn out for the best and the Tate honor Barry’s kindness in the way they should have to begin with. 


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