Is there any connection between African Swine and Coronavirus ?

Researchers have now started suspecting that the African swine fever might be the reason Covid 19 spark. University of Glasgow researchers located in the United Kingdom took a look at the Coronavirus pandemic and its origin. 

As they made their research, they confirmed that SARS-CoV-2 is introduced to us human beings due to some kind of intermediate animal host. 

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Likewise, we saw the paper discuss and make a point about African swine fever. And how the fever might be a reason that created a situation where pathogens could shift from animals to humans. 

University of Glasgow Center’s alum Spyros Lytras works for the Virus Research part of the University. Along with his co-workers, they posted and or published a journal in Science. 

Their research start from really early 2002. Likewise, they also discuss the respiratory disease that emerged in Foshan Guangdong Province, China. 

At that time, around 8 to 9 thousand people contacted the SARS-CoV or Coronavirus. Roughly translated, this means that when they resumed the reserach of SARS-CoV in 2005. They found out that it was a kind of Coronavirus. 

Hence, the Coronavirus we are facing today might be the same or a similar kind of a virus that emmerged while infusing with animal virus. As for the carriers, the reserchers suppose they are animals like racoons, dogs, and civet cats.

Furthermore, the reasrchers also believe that civet cats are the main transmitter of these viruses. Okay so what does this mean? 

This means that a civet cat transmitted this virus after having caught by a bat’s virus before it came to the market. 

Coming back to the first case of Covid 19. Everyone in the world knows that the first case was seen to a lady from Wuhan, China in 2019. 

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Researched made a wild guess and doubt that this lady caught this virus due to Wuhan Institute of Virology. And the virus that was first seen in Wuhan might have come and or transmitted from Yunnan Provience. 

The distance between Wuhan and Yunnan provience is around 1500 kilometers or 930 miles. Hence, researches somehow prove that the origin of the virus was not rom Wuhan but from Yunnan provience instead. 

The people from Yunnan provience who suffer from Covid 19 have many more variations of the virus than that of those from Wuhan. And the researcgers highly doubt that the viruses origin from various bat colonies in that provience. 

They say that horsehoes bats are in a huge number of piles in the particular gerographican area of China. And most of the bats carry diffrent kind of viruses. With that being said, this research seems pretty incomplete right now. 

Because these papers don’t explain how exacty these two cases conncet. And why the African swine fever is the cause for the outbreak of Coronavirus 2. When clearly, the outbreak started from China, Wuhan. 

And now should we say Yunnan, China. Anyway, one thing is sure from this research. That is, human and animal contact made this virus possible. Likewsie, if I have to say, the other thing is the initial title that reseraches started to write their report on makes not much sense to the end. 

This is how I am ending the srticle today. I hope to inform you more on African Swine and Coronavirus’s relationship in the future. So do stay tuned. 

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